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photoIt all started with Treasure Island in the third grade. My class was in the library (a place that I dreaded at the time) and we were, of course, being forced to pick out a book. Well, let me tell you, I felt the pressure. My mother is a big reader (as in reads hundreds upon hundreds of books) and wanted me to come to love reading like she did but alas the connection was never made. That is, until a treasure hunting, pirate roaring book fell into my hands. (Not literally.) It was within those pages that I fell in love with reading. From that day on my mother didn’t have to pester me with reading (instead it was “you should clean your room” or “you should empty the dishwasher”) and I found an escape from reality. Reading really is one of the most wonderful ways to spend your time and I am making it my mission to find out which of the books will fly you away or fall flat, so that you too can learn to love reading; first recommendation is Treasure Island (especially if you like parrots).

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17 thoughts on “The Author

  1. HI 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my review of PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL by Kara Taylor!

    –BTW, I love your blog, your layout is really nice and well-organized.

    • Isn’t it the best? It’s one of the best well written adventures out there and everyone should read it to their kids! Sadly my copy that I read was a library copy and to this day I do not own a copy of Treasure Island… I need to get on that! (P.S.– It’s so cool that you still have you’re copy after 18 years)! 🙂

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