Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 02I stumbled upon this meme at the adorable blog, Tessa’s Wishful Endings. Really it’s as simple as the name; you talk about a favorite book related subject on Fridays. It could be anything from favorite authors, books and genres to favorite reading spots, opening sentences and love triangles. Basically the world of novels is our oyster and with Friday Favorites, we can conquer it.

Favorite Closing Lines

I felt it only right to share my favorite last lines in novels since last week I shared my favorite opening lines. So here goes!

In no particular order:

1. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”– Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

When I read this I stared at in disbelief almost waiting for more words to appear. This couldn’t be the end I thought, how could it be, NOTHING was resolved! I was yelling at Scarlett to chase Rhett down, tell him how you really feel (something you should have done chapters ago). I was furious with the author for making me so invested in the story! I was rooting for Scarlett (even though I kind of hated her at the same time) to come to her senses, to wake up and realize Ashley was just a spineless wimp. She and Rhett were both so close to getting what they wanted and I just couldn’t believe the author had ended it like this, I couldn’t believe she would leave the readers hanging. Then I realized that she made me feel all of this with just one line…and I understood.

2. “In the meantime, she would just live.”– P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

This was the perfect ending. The author crammed everything our lovely protagonist had learned from her tragic circumstance and packaged it into a simple and clear sentence. “She would just live” resonates with the reader who had to watch as this woman stopped her life to mourn. She stopped her life and waited for her husband to come back and speak to her. Her life became revolved around these letters and she shut herself away from everything that would make life full again. This line tells the reader that she was done with that. Our heroine would be okay. She ended a complex story with a simple ending and it was genius.

3. “He loved Big Brother.”1984 by George Orwell

This line is horrifying. As a reader we spent a novel’s worth of time following our protagonist around as he strived for freedom and as he strived for love. We thought he was strong, that he was different from the rest. Even when he was taken in for questioning I thought that they would have to kill him to break him. Then we get to this eerie ending and find out just how easy it is to break a person. It was well done.

4. “A LAST NOTE FROM YOUR NARRATOR. I am haunted by humans.”– The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

What you need to know so that this line resonates with you is the narrator is death. Death tells us a tale of a girl living with her family in Nazi Germany– a place quite familiar to Death. You would think that Death being the narrator would be more creepy than likeable but Death has this compassionate persona that we never knew existed. What he sees take place during this time is tragic and horrifying. Death is rampant in the area but it is not death that is the worse thing that could happen to humans and that is what haunts our narrator and in turn haunts the reader. The author executed this quite well.

What are some of your favorite closing lines? Share them below and happy reading!