Bookish News: A New Virtual Library and California Bookstore Day


Bookish News is a feature in which I scour the farthest corners in the virtual land known as the internet in hopes of learning what’s happening in the book world.

A New Virtual Library

Getty Publications has established a new virtual library! This virtual library will provide FREE online access to over 250 backlist titles, of which you can read either online or download as a PDF file. It’s an educational library, so you won’t find Twilight among it’s catalogue, but its an excellent resource for people everywhere.

We’ll see published works that are both in print and out of print (another awesome feature) from the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Conservation Institute and the Getty Research Institute.

My favorite part of this is the book profiles will include links that direct users to print editions in their local libraries. That’s perfect for someone like me who loves the feel of a book in my hands.

“Creating the Virtual Library comes out of the Getty’s conviction that an appreciation of the arts is crucial to a vital and civil society. We are committed to sharing our educational resources as part of our mission to promote knowledge and understanding of the visual arts in all their dimensions, and we are delighted to give these important works of research and scholarship a presence in the digital sphere.”

I love that! So many people nowadays hide away their research, ready to sell it to the highest bidder, when we should share everything we learn with each other. That’s the way we move forward in the world and this new virtual library is a one giant foot, taking the leading step.


California Bookstore Day

The first ever California Bookstore Day will take place on May 3rd of this year. It involves a wide spread group of indie book stores all over California. The day involves literary inspired items that you can find NO WHERE ELSE to be sold in these bookstores for one day. Items include: Recipes From Michael Pollan’s Kitchen, a literary map of California (something I very much want), a bound gift edition short story by Neil Gaiman based on Sleeping Beauty (also something I very much want), and a tote bag illustrated with the entire text of Dave Eggers’ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

The idea is to bring people in with these fantastic items so that they will also buy other things available in the store, supporting local bookstores everywhere. It’s a wonderful idea and they have many authors teamed up to help make it a reality. One of which I am most excited for is Lemony Snicket. His childhood series will always remain a favorite of mine.

So on May 3rd celebrate California Bookstore Day by stopping by your local bookstore and purchasing an item that can’t be found elsewhere. (While you’re at it, buy me one too).


What do you think about the virtual library? Will you celebrate California Bookstore Day? Do you have any bookish news to tell? Share below and happy reading!