Dreaming Novel Things: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Reading Guilty Pleasures…

dreamingnovelthingsDreaming Novel Things is a feature in which I discuss book related subjects, but in a creative way. I’ll use interviews, narratives and lists to talk about book trends, book opinions and bookish matters. If you have any book related subjects you’d like to see me discuss just leave me a comment below!

Okay guys, my hand is up, I’ll admit there are a few books I don’t read in public. These books are hidden in the deepest corners of my room, only brought out in the times when I am entirely alone. These poor books have never seen the light of day and never known the sound of a child’s laughter. They’ve never smelled the wonderful aroma of bacon or tasted the salty air at the beach.

When my friends rant about these books, I half-heartedly agree, not wanting to give away my secret. I pretend to laugh at the clichés, I pretend to scoff at the sappiness, but in my heart I cringe.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we beat ourselves over what we read? Well, I’ll tell you why, because we attach stigmas to certain books. We demean our fellow readers according to what we read and it is WRONG. So what if that person prefers vampires? So what if this person prefers alpha protagonists who in real life would be classified as a stalker? WHO CARES. At the end of the day you go home and read the book that you want to read, their reading habits do not affect you in ANY way, so why should you judge them?

We are individuals, therefore we have individual tastes so we won’t all like the same books. This should be a celebrated fact but instead we attach shame and embarrassment to certain titles, causing people to read their guilt pleasures under the covers with a flashlight like a ten year old. LIKE A TEN YEAR OLD! That’s what we’ve reduced ourselves too! No one should feel guilty for reading a book, no matter the book.

No matter the book, you still have to use your imagination, right? You still have to have a proper understanding of the english language. Plain and simple, if you’re reading, then you’re using brain power. So don’t feel embarrassed over the material. Say it loud and proud like Spongebob does when he says “I’M UGLY AND I’M PROUD!”

My confession: I love the victorian-era romance books. Lisa Kleypas books in particular, her Wallflower and Hathaways series are some of my favorites. They are chalk full of clichés, sappiness, and predictable endings and on a critical perspective, I see the flaws but for entertainment purposes, I adore these novels. To me, it’s the same as watching TV, we read to be entertained and if victorian-era romances do the trick, then there’s no shame in that!


What’s your guilty pleasure book? Share it below and happy reading!

12 thoughts on “Dreaming Novel Things: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Reading Guilty Pleasures…

  1. Ahhh, I try so hard to not have guilty pleasures when it comes to anything, because I agree with you that no-one should feel embarrassed about liking a particular book. That being said, I have a total soft spot for kind of cheesy romances where you just know as soon as you start reading it there will be a happy ending to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside! I don’t read them often, but when I do, I love them!

    • Yes, it’s easy to say in the quiet of your room that you’re not ashamed of your books but its another thing to claim it in public. I understand completely, but no one deserves to feel embarrassed about what they read!

      (I’ve got a thing for the cheesy romances too, they’re oh so predictable but oh so sweet).

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  2. I can relate so well to these thoughts, thank you for removing the veil shrouding my core. I tend to bring my reading material with me to work. I spend eight hours a day in a secured room in front of a computer monitor with one door and no windows. I need to get some fresh air every so often 😉 I will take my book down to the courtyard outside my office, sit in front of a bubbling fountain, and open my book for ten to fifteen minutes of solitude.

    Funny thing is, I often find myself carrying my book against my hip, cover facing in, so others can’t see what I’m reading. I guess I have never admitted to being “embarrassed” about what I’m reading, but I will accept that is the case now 😉

    If we were all meant to read the same type of book and like it, the bookstore would be a lot smaller, and the world would be a lot less interesting. So, I commend you for bringing this fact to light, Spongebob reference and all 😉

    Me, I love a good love story wrapped inside personal struggle and turmoil that is overcome, ripping you at your emotional core. As I have stated in my last post, it is education for the heart. And oh so needed in the world of today. Not necessarily the typical reading material for a guy, but hey, it’s what calls to me so “I like a good love story and I am proud of it!” 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I wrote it with tired eyes so it’s not as strong and cohesive as I would have liked it but the message is the same: we must stop judging what others like to read and start celebrating the fact that people are reading at all.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you should be proud! 🙂

  3. Love this topic! I don’t really have “guilty pleasures” that I’m afraid to bring out in public, since I try to realize that hey I like this book so who cares what people thing. BUT I’m always embarrassed/guilty to admit that when it comes to contemporary YA books, I like reading the ones about protagonists that have overcome abuse/rape/trauma. I feel like it’s weird somehow that THAT’S what I’m drawn to? But I just love to see characters overcome such massive obstacles and rooting for their healing and growth.

    • Exactly Kayla, that’s how everyone should think. We need to stop worrying what others will say if we read certain books.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and hey I don’t think it’s weird. I’ve actually read several books like you’ve described and while they are emotionally exhausting, they are oh so good.

      Thanks for reading Kayla! 🙂

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  5. This is such a great post! I feel the same way as you…even though there are some guilty pleasures that I hide, I wish that people weren’t so judgmental about them! I think that reading books…ANY BOOK…is awesome. As long as people are reading, it’s a good thing. It doesn’t really matter WHAT they read or what kind of book they like. I try not to get into the mindset of “this book is better than this book.” It’s not about better or worse, it’s just a certain opinion that you have, or what you like vs. what you don’t like. I really don’t care if people want to read Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. As long as a book is in their hands, I’m happy. And I’ll readily admit that I’ve read both. No shame here 🙂 So glad you wrote about this!!

    • Exactly! If people are reading than I’m happy, I may not like the book that they read, but it doesn’t hurt me in any way. I’m glad you agree, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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  7. You know what?Sometimes life is shit, and when it is you don’t want any more reminders of that. So you find something fun, something happy. Maybe its a movie where the male lead saves the President AND gets the girl. Maybe it’s a heroine that defies the odds and becomes the world’s first supermodel astronaut who develops a vaccine for a puppy disease. Maybe it’s a book in which an overly muscled, overly tanned guy thinks it’s practical to rescues damsels in distress in a kilt. And it doesn’t matter, cos for those few hours, the world feels a little better, a little bit happier and maybe a little bit more whimsical. It just gives you that little bit of a reprieve before you go to that board meeting tomorrow, or deal with a loved one’s drug addiction, or hell even get out of bed and wash the dishes.

    Reading can be used for all sorts of things: fun, education, escapism, growth. It can be out of necessity or desire.

    I’ve read romance novels before, they’re fun and quick and entirely devoted to making life a little bit happier. I’ve also read non fiction books about wars and death and blood and guys everywhere. I’ve read books about kids who fly on broomsticks for sport or save the world with magic. At the end of the day, even when it’s been a book I’ve hated, I’ve enjoyed the experience because I enjoy reading.

    • Wow, you put is so perfectly. We read for different reasons and sometimes it’s purely for the fact that we want to forget about everyday life.

      Thanks you for your sharing your thoughts, you hit it right on the nail. Sometimes, I like the cliche and that EVERYTHING worked out perfectly because it’s nice and boosts my spirits.

      Really great points Lauren! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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