Dreaming Novel Things: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For Reading Guilty Pleasures…

dreamingnovelthingsDreaming Novel Things is a feature in which I discuss book related subjects, but in a creative way. I’ll use interviews, narratives and lists to talk about book trends, book opinions and bookish matters. If you have any book related subjects you’d like to see me discuss just leave me a comment below!

Okay guys, my hand is up, I’ll admit there are a few books I don’t read in public. These books are hidden in the deepest corners of my room, only brought out in the times when I am entirely alone. These poor books have never seen the light of day and never known the sound of a child’s laughter. They’ve never smelled the wonderful aroma of bacon or tasted the salty air at the beach.

When my friends rant about these books, I half-heartedly agree, not wanting to give away my secret. I pretend to laugh at the clichés, I pretend to scoff at the sappiness, but in my heart I cringe.

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