Site TitleLadies and gentlemen, never deny the beauty of twitter again, for it has led me to a glorious website called Gone Reading. It’s a wonderful site that sells all sorts of book inspired items to raise money for reading related charities. This is their full philanthropic message:



It’s such a wonderful cause and the best part is you don’t need to feel guilty for treating yourself. Now when your husband asks if you really need that new book journal simply tell him your doing it for charity. Then give him a wry smile.

I found this site because someone on twitter was talking about a journal they bought off the website. Intrigued, I immediately clicked on this site to find they had a whole array of items. Some of my favorites include:

T-ShirtBook HolderBook JournalBook LightBookmarkBook PlateBook EndsNotecardsBoard GameAction FigureBook MagnetsBook PosterEdgar CandleCar Window Decal


They also sell gift cards! (Hint, hint!)

For Christmas I received a book journal from Gone Reading and I absolutely love it! It makes reviewing books so much easier and its nice to look back on my thoughts.

This is the cover (so pretty):



This is where you record the novel facts and your favorite quotes:



This where you write your general thoughts and record who you loan out your book to:



And this is one of the few blank pages in the front of the journal, I’m using it to record my favorite quotes:



So check out their site today and buy something to indulge in your bookish nature.

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And check out their blog to stay updated on their latest products.

What do you think of Gone Reading? What item will you be adding to your wish list? Share below and happy reading!