Bookish News: TFiOS Trailer, Potter Buzz, Plutarch Heavensby



Bookish News is a feature in which I scour the farthest corners in the virtual land known as the internet in hopes of learning what’s happening in the book world.

The Fault in Our Stars Trailer

For those of you that have read John Green’s latest novel, here is the trailer of the movie adaptation. I have to say that I had hesitations at first but after watching the trailer I am oh so excited. I love how the two main characters are so ‘real’ looking and not especially glamorized.



J.K. Rowling Drops a Bomb on Potter Fans

Saturday J.K. Rowling gave all her Potter fans a heart attack by claiming that she regrets having Ron and Hermione end up together. She went further to say that Harry and Hermione should have actually ended up together, claiming, that it made more sense. What’s even more interesting is Emma Watson was the one interviewing J.K. Rowling and she agreed with her, going on to say that she thought fans would always wonder if Ron could truly make Hermione happy.

Apparently when Rowling first started the series she envisioned Ron and Hermione together but as the series developed she forced the two together instead of letting the series take its natural course.

Twitter exploded with emotions as people immediately started taking sides and starting a war among those loyal to Ron and Harry. In my opinion it doesn’t matter. The books are written, its done, the end. She wrote Ron, Hermione and Harry so brilliantly that each one seemed real. Ron in particular seems to represent the everyday man, not the smartest or bravest, but loyal and to me he was the most inspiring.

It changes nothing, except adding to Rowling’s brilliance. If her forced writing is that believable than her capabilities are far more than we ever imagined.


Plutarch Heavensby Needs Replacing

Sunday was a very tragic day indeed, and not just for Bronco fans. Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed way due to over dosing on heroin. Needless to say he was an extremely talented actor that influenced film and helped shape what it is today. For those of you that don’t know he played Plutarch Heavensby, the new game maker, in the movie Catching Fire. I think the majority opinion of fans of Suzanne Collins series is that he gave an excellent performance and exceeded all expectations of that character.

The question is now, what happens to the Mockingjay movies? They have all ready started filming, so did they get enough of Hoffman to make the movie work or will they have to erase what they have done and replace him. And if so, who will they replace him with? Besides all that though, Hoffman will be sorely missed.


Are you excited about The Fault in Our Stars movie? Do you think Hermione should have ended up with Harry? Who do you think they should cast as Plutarch Heanvensby? Share below and happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Bookish News: TFiOS Trailer, Potter Buzz, Plutarch Heavensby

  1. The Fault In Our Stars trailer is so amazing! I’m really excited for the movie and I agree with you about liking how both characters look real. That’s interesting about the Ron/Hermione thing. I’m one of the few who hasn’t yet read the Harry Potter series or seen the movies, but I’m surprised an author would change her mind about how she ended things. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you’re excited too! I’ll definitely by one of those people who go see the premiere. It was a definitely a shocker, especially after all this time. But like I said, it doesn’t change things for me. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

  2. Hermione needs someone who can challenge her. Sorry, but Harry was bumbling around only slightly less than Ron many a time. Then again, I suppose I don’t think anyone is good enough for Hermione.

    • I’m glad you said that because I don’t know why exactly people think Harry is a better fit for Hermione when he was always thinking with his emotions, always too reckless. Whereas Hermione was more of the cool and cautious sort. You know, if Hermione could read about all this she would simply say, “Honestly,” and walk away. Thanks for reading!

  3. No matter what J.K. Rowling says, I still think that Ron and Hermione should be together. The highlight of that whole situation was the next day when my English teacher said, “Hey, did anyone hear about the Harry Potter fiasco?” And my friend and I were like OMG HE’S A HARRY POTTER NERD LIKE US. πŸ™‚ It was great

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