New Rating System

Hello everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Well I’m glad to say that I finally have some spare time again which means regular blog posts from here on out. I wanted to make a change though. I decided my rating system needed to be a bit more personalized. So with that let me introduce the new and improved (and fun) system.


Give me a break! Give me a break! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!

What better way to rate books than with the delicious chocolate covered wafers? One Kit Kat bar means I highly don’t recommend this novel and four Kit Kat bars means I highly do recommend this novel. Now to determine how much Kit Kat bars a book earns I use my handy candy wrapper now converted into the Ultimate Book Wrapper.


When rating a novel I look at three elements: characters, story and writing. For characters I assign separate scores for the main characters and the side characters and then take the average of that score for my overall characters score. So referring to the picture above my main characters score was 20 and my side characters score was 30. The average of those two score would be 25, which is now my overall characters score.

The number assigned to themes and symbols simply means how many I found. According to the picture for our example book, I found 3 themes and five symbols.

Now as for the Kit Kat bars or KK, one Kit Kat bar is equal to ten. So:


1 Kit Kat=10


2 Kit Kats=20


3 Kit Kats=30


4 Kit Kats=40

Once again referring to the picture above we look at the overall characters score, writing score and story score to determine the KK scores. Therefore:

the KK for overall characters would be 2.5

the KK for story would be 2

and the KK for writing would 4

Taking the average of those scores we get our official rating, which is 2.83, rounding up, that means 3 Kit Kat Bars.

 1 Kit Kat Bar= 1.0-1.4

1 and a half Kit Kat Bars=1.5-1.7

2 Kit Kat Bars= 1.8-2.4

2 and a half Kit Kat Bars= 2.5-2.7

3 Kit Kat Bars= 2.8-3.4

3 and a half Kit Kat Bars= 3.5-3.7

4 Kit Kat Bars= 3.8-4.0

I think this system will make my ratings much more accurate and quite frankly more fun.

robot candy

The author of this article would like her readers to know that many kit kat bars were harmed during this process. Many.

What do you think of the new rating system? How do you rate books? Share below and happy reading!


7 thoughts on “New Rating System

    • Thanks, that means a lot. I was really afraid it was a bit too complicated but I thought it was better to show a bit more personality even if it meant it complicated things a little. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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