30 Day Book Challenge: Day 23

picsart_1375358545585Good evening fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 23: A Book You Wanted to Read for a Long Time But Still Haven’t

Today’s challenge makes me so excited. I love talking about books I long for and all the possibilities it holds! While there are many books that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time there is one that takes the cake. A book that already has two movie adaptations out, is a widely popular young adult novel and is based on one of my favorite things– Greek mythology.

That’s right! The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan.

The first I heard about this series was when the movie was just about to come out. Usually that would inflame me to go out and get the book right away but I was in the middle of senior year and had too many books ahead on the list. Then the movie came out and I watched it and thought it was okay.

Little did I know that there was a massive uproar from fans of the books in a rage. Apparently the movie (although it was cute) did not follow the story at all. I have to say I was a bit relieved when I heard this. I had heard so many great things about camp half-blood that I had begun to get so excited! But after seeing the movie my excitement kind of deflated as I could find nothing really special about it in the movie.

So when I heard that the movie got it wrong I was filled with eager anticipation. I had to get a hold of the book but for some reason it never happened. For holidays I got other books on my wish list and those on top of the books I already had and had not yet read did not give me a reason to justify buying another book.

It’s not just the hype that has me eagerly awaiting this book it’s also the fact that the novel is steeped in Greek mythology. This is something I have always been incredibly fascinated by and studied thoroughly. I enjoyed reading about the jealous gods trivialities and their giant consequences. They were basically worshipped human with powers which is an interesting concept. So the fact that there is a whole series based on the many stories in Greek mythology has me jumping up and down in excitement for this book.

Is there a novel out there that you’ve been meaning to get to but just haven’t yet? Share it below and happy reading!

Dreaming Novel Things: Converting People to the Bookworm Religion

dreamingnovelthingsDreaming Novel Things is a feature in which I discuss book related subjects, but in a creative way. I’ll use interviews, narratives and lists to talk about book trends, book opinion and bookish matters. If you have any book related subjects you’d like to see me discuss just leave me a comment below!



BeFunky_Picture1.jpgBelieve or not but there is a process one must undertake before they can wear the Official Bookworm Badge. This process is officially converting a non-book lover into a bookworm. Once you have achieved this, you can officially wear your official badge as it will be official. If you don’t know the process (which you don’t) I have an easy step by step guide that any could follow. Yes, I made this process up and yes, it is complete and utter nonsense. Shall we move on?

1. First one must approach the topic with the non reader.  This is THE most important step as if you do it wrong you RUIN ALL CHANCES OF ENLIGHTENING THIS PERSON. You must try to engage in a casual way for example: “I got no sleep last night because I ended up reading this book all night that I couldn’t put down.” Remember to be welcoming and smile as the non reader could easily feel attacked or criticized.

2. Ask the non reader why they don’t enjoy reading. It is important to hear out their ideas without interrupting. Nod in the appropriate places and smile as if their nonsense makes sense to you. If the person feels as if you actually listened to what they said, they in turn will be more willing to listen to you. So try to look like you’re focusing on what they are saying even though every word is going in one ear and out the other. (Be sure to notice when they have stopped talking as staring at them in a dazed like way will be their biggest indicator that you weren’t listening).

3. Provide your counter arguments to their points. BUT REMEMBER, in a polite way. If you use a condescending tone or put them down for feeling the way they do you might as well write FAILURE on your forehead because you will never convert this non reader. Also, remember to use valid arguments. Simply saying, “Reading is good,” or “That’s stupid,” will do nothing to win your case. Keep smiling and make sure they are comprehending what you are saying in fact use small words (they are non readers after all)! 😉

4. Tell a personal story to make this relatable. If it’s a funny story than all the better. Nothing bonds people better than laughter try to work your best jokes into the story. Don’t discount the importance of this step! It’s important for a non reader to know its possible for someone like them, as far as they are on the other side of the fence, can cross that bridge into the world of reading. Tell them about the moment you fell in love with reading, about encountering the book that changed your life forever. Your story should have heart-warming, Hallmark quality to it.

5. Present the book/movie trick. Unless you’re a whizz with words (which if you are then why on earth are you reading this?) the non reader is still hesitant at this point but definitely more open-minded. This is the perfect time to sneak in the old book/movie trick. Find out their favorite movie by doing a quick search on Facebook, (bonus points if you already know what it is) and share the fact that their favorite movie was actually based off a book. (They all are these days). This will peak their interest and give them a sense of comfort of starting with something familiar. Now you can point out there’s a whole slew of books in the same genre as the book that was adapted into their favorite movie. Show them the many options that lie in their preferred category to get them started. (Goodreads would be the best way to do this but you may choose another site if you prefer).

6. Go in for the kill. Produce the perfect book for them that you had picked out before your meeting (yes I expect you to have known which book as any OFFICIAL bookworm would). Put it in their hands so they can physically hold it. Tell them how this could be the book that changes their life. This could be the book that opens their eyes. Say in a soft voice (for you don’t want to interrupt their thoughts) that all they have to do is give it a try. If they accept this book then you can say that you just converted a non reader to the bookworm religion.

CONGRATULATIONS! Grab your badge (by grab I mean copy and paste) and display it with pride my friend! You can officially say that you are an Official Bookworm deemed official! Go celebrate, you deserve it and you made the world a better place so be proud!

(While the narrator wishes you to celebrate in true form she feels obligated to remind you that it is never safe to read and drive).

Have you ever encountered someone who simply did not like reading and try to talk them into it? How did it go or what would you say if you were in that predicament? Share it below and happy reading!

Spread the Word

spreadthewordIt’s Saturday and you know what that means! Spread the Word! This feature was inspired by A Bookish Heart with her Bookish Friends feature. This is a weekly feature that I have started to shine the spotlight on other bloggers that have caught my eye. There are so many great bloggers out there that keep me giggling or thinking with their blog posts and it’s gotten to the point where I want to shout it to the world so that others can discover their greatness too.

I don’t ask them questions or anything like that as it can be time-consuming to the featured blogger who is busy…blogging. So instead I just go through their blog with a fine tooth comb and learn everything I can to share it all with you. Ready? Good! Excited? Me too!

Today I’ve decided to spotlight a blogger that I’ve gotten quite close to in a short amount of time. When I first discovered her blog I was excited by how much we seemed to have in common. She shared my love for the same kind of books, she was passionate about the same things and she’s not majoring in English like me (which seems to be rare in the world of book bloggers)!


She is Becky @ Blogs-of-a-Bookaholic

I was browsing blogs under the book review category on WordPress when I saw a review she wrote for The Help by Kathryn Stockett which had me nodding my head eagerly in agreement. I clicked to learn more about this blogger that seemed to think the same way I did. After reading her about page I knew I had found another favorite blog.


She didn’t try to make it seem like she was anything more than just an average girl who liked to read books. It was appealing, especially to me as this is how I feel about my blog: I’m still learning. I’m not the best writer, I’m not the smartest and there will be things in books that go over my head but like Becky, I’m here to blog about the books that I read. It’s as plain and simple as that and I loved that Becky told us so in plain words.


One of the things I love most about Becky’s blog is that it shows her eclectic tastes. She read a wide variety of books instead of focusing on only one genre like young adult, classics or the ever popular western sci-fy historical fiction genre.  She has the likes of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte to Inkheart by Cornelia Funke on her to-be-read list. Her reading taste knows no bounds and I admire that. This isn’t to say that focusing on one genre is bad, I myself as a reader like to have a broad range therefore I appreciate when someone shares this interest.


Becky does not bow to peer pressure. She will always give her honest opinion of a book even if it means criticizing a book that is extremely popular– like The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This was a book magnetized by the movie, everyone was proclaiming its brilliance. I haven’t read the book yet so I don’t know if any of it is justified but Becky definitely didn’t think so and she wasn’t afraid one bit of explaining how she felt. It’s hard to put your thoughts into words when you know they are not with the majority. You start questioning your opinion as if an opinion could be wrong, but not Becky. Becky will always let us know what she thinks whether it be good or bad and I rank that as a very important blogging aspect.


Becky runs her own original meme. She calls is Quoting the Quill and it originated as a celebration of her 100th post! I know you’ve already surpassed this milestone Becky but CONGRATULATIONS! She runs this feature every other Wednesday and with it posts a certain quote that inspires her; the most recent quote was, “On the shelf or just opened, a book was all possibility, a wondrous box of paper that could contain anything.”  Here is why it inspired her:


Becky is very active in the blogging community. It seems like every time I publish a post the orange icon appears moments later to say Becky has read it by either liking it or commenting. As a blogger it makes me happy to have a reader that enjoys coming back to my blog. Then I discovered that is wasn’t just my blog but many others. It seemed everywhere I went Becky had been there too and left her mark. She takes the time to let the reader know that she’s been there which is no easy task when you do that for a bajillion blogs. But she does and it makes her better blogger for it. After all, how do you expect to get readers if you aren’t willing to read other blogs? Becky knows the answer to that.

Here are a couple of random facts I’ve gathered from reading Becky’s blog:

  • She’s a big Sarah Dessen fan
  • Her favorite classic is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
  • Her favorite side character is Luna Lovegood
  • She’s in love with Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
  • She’s a fellow Land Before Time fan
  • She loves dinosaurs
  • Believes her daemon would be a cat

I urge every one to check out Becky’s blog, Blogs-of-a-Bookaholic! You’ll find a blogger full of personality who loves books and has a unique voice in the blogging world.