30 Day Book Challenge Day 19

picsart_1375358545585Good evening fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 19: Favorite Book Turned Into a Movie

This question was a bit difficult as I found that I had already talked about several options that comes to mind. Then I remembered a favorite movie of mine, soon to one of my favorite novels.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

I saw the movie when I was six years old and my obsession for dinosaurs was born. I learned everything I could about them and watched anything dinosaur related to feed my need. (The Land Before Time series thenceforth became one of my favorites of all time). My secret desire was to see a dinosaur (not a raptor of course, as they were my biggest fear).

Thirteen years later it came to my knowledge that the movie Jurassic Park was actually based on a novel penned by Michael Crichton. If you love books like I do, which a good many of you do, you could just imagine the scene that took place when I discovered this amazing fact.

I hurriedly obtained a copy of this novel and read it within a day. I LOVED it. I loved the way Michael Crichton not only made the science believable but interesting as well. As somebody that doodled their way through biology I can honestly say Crichton does an excellent job of mixing scientific information into the novel. After reading it I watched the movie again ready to look at it with a different perspective and I am happy to say that my opinion of the movie did not change, I was still just as wide-eyed about dinosaurs as I was before the novel.

Steven Spielberg did a fantastic job of translating the story from paper to film and it will always remain as one of my favorite movie adaptations.

What is your favorite book turned into a movie? What is one that is your least favorite? Share it below and happy reading!


20 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge Day 19

  1. I am right there with you having Jurassic Park at the top of my list. However, since you chose that one, I will go in another direction for a little diversity 😉 I really enjoyed Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” in both print and on screen. I read the book first, then saw the movie and was not disappointed. Of course, when the movie takes place traversing the French landscape, what’s not to love? 🙂

    My least favorite is by Michael Crichton … Sphere. This was an absolutely amazing book, but the movie was an abomination 😦 If you are Michael Crichton fan, you owe it to yourself to put this one on your to-read list at some point in time.

    Have an inspired day!

    • I have yet to see The Da Vinci Code because it on my to-read list but I heard it was simply amazing and that the book is even better.

      Thank you for the tip that will be added to my to-read list within the hour, it’s a shame that the movie did not do it justice though. Thank you for reading, I greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  2. I love the Jurassic Park’s movie and watched it several times (it was one of my favorites when i was Little) but I’ve never read the book. Actually, I didn’t know there was a book until now… I’ll have to add it to my TBR list then! 🙂

  3. I was also a dinosaur obsessed fan. I was obsessed with Jurassic Park and ohh my gosh I SQUEALED SO MUCH when I saw that you watched the Land Before Time, I watched those movies religiously!!!

    Big, big, big, big, waterrrrrrrr, it’s very big big big big watteerrrrrrrr. It’s deep and dark and dangerous, it’s scary and it’s !strangerous! LOL. I wanted Littlefoot to be my best friend, yep, yep yep, I did, I did.

    I have Jurassic Park to read so I’m hoping I will love it.

    Great choice!

  4. This is such a great choice, Lindsey! Admittedly I haven’t read the book yet (it’s staring me down on my shelf v.v) but I hear it’s great, and Jurassic Park is one of my all-time fave movies. I think dinosaurs are terrifying! But I guess that’s why I like this, because it gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush. And I absolutely love The Land Before Time series as well! Gahhh so many good memories in this post alone! 😀
    Great blog!

    • Dinosaurs terrify me too but they also fascinate me. I’d probably be one of those stupid people that goes to an island full of dinosaurs because of my curiosity and die. 😉

      I must say that you have GREAT taste in movies! 🙂

      • Hahahahaha Oh no way, you would outlast them somehow! If that really dumb kid in the 3rd movie could survive in the jungle, you’d DEFINITELY live, probably beat them all! You would use your skills like Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, and either invent something, remember something from a book, or just… chew them to bits? Maybe you could recite passages of Twilight to them and they’ll either drop dead of exasperation or romantic excitement. And thank you, so do you! XD

      • This is probably the nicest comment you’ve ever left me and that’s saying something! I absolutely adore it! You’re right, those raptors are no match for Lemony Snicket or Stephanie Meyer, us book readers could totally take them on! 😉

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