The Liebster Award

liebster-awardIt started off as just an average day when I woke up. I crawled out of bed and snuggled with my grandparents poodles and logged on to what has since taken over my life: WordPress.

I saw the bright orange icon at the top of the screen and smiled because it always means good news. I clicked it and realized that it was greater than I expected because it notified me that the lovely Kayla @ The Thousand Lives had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Suddenly, my day didn’t seem so average.

Thank you so much Kayla, it means so much to me that people even read my blog let alone enjoy it. Congratulations yourself on being nominated as you most certainly deserved it!

First for those that are unaware the Liebster Award is supposed to recognize those blogs that are of the up-and-coming sort. (So imagine my blush when I found out that Kayla nominated me)!

Now, the rules are as follows:

  1. Link back the blogger that tagged you
  2. Nominate ten others and answer the questions of the one who tagged you
  3. Ask ten questions for the bloggers you nominate
  4. Let your nominees know of their award

The Questions from Kayla

1. How long did it take you to settle in to your blog (how you wanted to write, how you wanted to lay out your posts, what sort of graphics you wanted to use, what theme to use, etc.)?

I would say it took me about two months to finally find my groove. I finally started organizing my blog, planning out what I wanted to write and designing my blog to better suit my tastes. That in no way means that I don’t need improvements, there are still things that I’m constantly tweaking.

2. How long have you been blogging, and what made you start blogging?

I am fairly new to the blogging world having started May 22nd of this year. It was my mom that said I should blog about books as I’m always finishing books and bugging people to read them too so I can discuss them.

3. Give me a profile of yourself (age, location, job, school, some favorites, etc)?

Alright! I’m 21, I live in Central California (farming county), I work as a Food Service Aide for a high school. Some of my favorite things include: Runts– favorite candy; Pineapple– favorite fruit; Christmas– favorite holiday; Mrs. May– favorite English teacher; Joey– favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character; Newsroom– currently favorite show.

4. What was your best memory in high school?

Performing in the high school play, Blithe Spirit. I played Edith, the maid (but I stole the show) ūüėČ

5. Who inspires you, and why?

My sister Hayley, she is younger than me but so much stronger even though she doesn’t believe it. She enjoys life and I know she will get all that she wants out of it.

6. What are your three favorite books?

This is an unbelievably hard question, but at the top of my head: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Ella Enchanted.

7. What book has influenced you the most in your life?

To Kill a Mockingbird, it taught me to always look at things with a new perspective.

8. Which character would be your best friend, if they were in the flesh?

Hmmm…probably Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia as I’m so ready to believe in magic.

9. What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was so well done!

10. If you could say one thing to your favorite author, what would it be and who would it be to?

Thank you, because no other words could do justice.

My 10 nominees include:

  1. Dewey Decimal’s Butler
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  3. Blogs-of-a-Bookaholic
  4. Revolution for Breakfast
  5. The Knee Deep Life
  6. Storytime With Buffy
  7. Jann Lee
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  9. The Chronicles of Radiya
  10. Book Adoration

My Questions for my nominees include:

1. What is something you are determined to do before you die?

2. What is a memory that makes you smile?

3. Where do you prefer to read?

4. Do you have a hero or heroine? Why are they so?

5. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

6. How do you fight writer’s block?

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

8. Do you have any recommendations for other bloggers?

9. Do you like it when it’s a sunny day or a cloudy day?

10. Are a fast reader or slow reader?

Thank you again Kayla for the nomination and I look forward to seeing all of my nominee’s posts. Happy reading everybody!

Bloggin’ Recap

bloggin'recapWelcome to my first ever Bloggin’ Recap. A new feature inspired by A Bookish Heart. Every Sunday I’ll get the chance to tell you what’s going on in my life, what I’ve posted for the week, what to expect in the upcoming week and posts I enjoyed from other bloggers.

In the Real World:

The school year has finally begun so that means I’m back to work! I work as a Food Service Aide (fancy terms for lunch lady) and it’s only a part-time job while I’m in school. Oddly enough I really like it, the people are work with are such characters and always make work fun. Tomorrow I actually test for a job that will bring more hours and higher pay raise so even though I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to my lovely co-workers, keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’ve been in the midst of preparations for next month as I am directing a play, Bus Stop for my local theater. I still haven’t quite worked out how I’ll be doing work, directing and blogging but I’ll find a way, blogging has become too important to me to give up.

I started The Stand¬†by Stephen King on Friday, and realized that the edition I’m reading is the “Complete and Uncut” edition making it a whopping 1153 pages long. I’m going to try to finish on time to review this upcoming week but…I don’t know if it’s physically possible. The good news is I’m 100 pages in and really liking it! As my first Stephen King novel I was a bit intimidated but he’s a fantastic author, gripping me with his writing from the first page.

That’s all the news from me this week, how did your week turn out?

What I’ve Posted This Week:

I’m proud to say that I’ve been doing well at keeping up with the 30 Day Book Challenge, I’ve posted:

Along with the challenge I’ve posted:

Posts to Look Forward to this Upcoming Week:

  • What kind of¬†Book Shelf Person are You?
  • Converting¬†People to the Bookworm religion

Posts from Blogging Buddies that I’ve enjoyed this Week:

That‚Äôs the end of today’s recap, what was this week like for you? Read anything good? Do anything fun? Share it below and happy reading!

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 17

picsart_1375358545585Good morning fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 17: Favorite Quote from Book

I’m sorry but there is just no way to choose ONE quote as there are many that have resonated with me over the years. So read on to find out a FEW of my favorite quotes from books.

1. ‚ÄúUnless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.‚ÄĚ– The Lorax by Dr. Suess

I know that many associate this with environmentalism but it can be used for so many things. We have to stop complaining about what’s wrong with our lives and start BEING the change that we want to see. Hate your job? Quit and go after your dream job! Feel overweight? Do something about it! Irritated with today’s politicians? Get involved! I am more than guilty of whining about my life but every once in a while I see this quote and I’m inspired to change it, I hope you are too.

2. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that”– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

First let me say, it was so hard to choose just one quote from Harry Potter but I made myself do it for you guys, otherwise we would be here all day. I love this quote because it’s saying to live in the present. I’m always thinking well, ‘when I graduate college life will begin, or I can’t way to get my dream job so I can finally start my life.’ Or it’s the exact opposite, I’m wishing for the good old days when I was a little girl who was easily satisfied with Disney movies and McDonald’s. What I need to remember is that life is right NOW. You have to start living life in the present and stop looking behind and ahead of you. Don’t wait to enjoy life until you get that job promotion you’ve been waiting for and don’t wait to go out until you’ve lost a little wait. Go now! Travel somewhere even if it’s just a part of town you haven’t seen before. Do what you love to do, because THIS is the time to do it.

3. ‚ÄúSome infinities are bigger than other infinities.‚ÄĚ– The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

When I first read this I had to stop to think what it meant to me. I thought about the small things in life, arguing with my sisters over shotgun, making cookie dough with my poppa, opening a book and I realized, what Green says is true. Some things matter more than others. The universe will go on existing and leave us all behind but my memories will go on forever even after I am dead because they were shared, because I was loved and loved in return. That will last forever even when there is only darkness. (I’m not usually so corny, I swear)!

4. “I think there‚Äôs just one kind of folks. Folks.‚ÄĚ– To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Scout puts it quite perfectly for us. We are all human no matter what color, race, sex, sexual orientation, fat, thin, handicapped, sensitive, tough, blonde, brunette or red-head we are the same. We all have to sleep and eat to survive. We all have noses, ears and eyes. We may talk and look differently, but we live on the same planet. I am the same as an 80-year-old man in Saudi Arabia because we are both HUMAN. Ironically part of being human is forgetting that truth, but we must remind ourselves every day! We are all people, and that’s why I love this quote because it stays the truth: No human is fundamentally better than the other.

What’s your favorite quote from a book? Share it below and happy reading!