Spread the Word

spreadthewordHi there! Welcome to my first ever feature of Spread the Word, a feature that was inspired by A Bookish Heart with her Bookish Friends feature. This is a weekly feature that I have started to shine the spotlight on other bloggers that have caught my eye. There are so many great bloggers out there that keep me giggling or thinking with their blog posts and it’s gotten to the point where I want to shout it to the world so that others can discover their greatness too.

I don’t ask them questions or anything like that as it can be time-consuming to the featured blogger who is busy…blogging. So instead I just go through their blog with a fine tooth comb and learn everything I can to share it all with you. Ready? Good! Excited? Me too!

Today I’ve decided to spotlight a blog that I discovered quite recently. She is an amazing writer that knows how to write quality posts. Her passion pours through every sentence and she is not afraid to share her opinions regardless of what others might think. Oh, and she can win an entire revolution before breakfast.

revolution for breakfast

She is Lauren @ Revolution For Breakfast

I discovered Lauren after she left a comment that was so thoughtful and personal and LONG. Literally, Lauren reads every single one of my posts and leaves such long comments that I always have to go to the comment archives so that I have room on my screen to respond. It’s absolutely wonderful because it says that she has so much to say about what I’ve written and as a blogger, that’s all I ask for. (Please note that I also love small comments, even one word comments so don’t be discouraged if you favor that kind of commenting, I often write small comments myself).

Here is an examples of one of her comments:


Notice how the picture doesn’t show her entire comment? That’s because it’s too long to get the whole shot. See what I mean! She always has a lot to say and makes you feel as if your post was worth reading.

So after Lauren presented herself to me I immediately checked out her blog. I soon discovered that she has a great talent with words. She can write long, thorough posts which might be intimidating to people who aren’t in the mood for reading but they are always filled with this keen wit that she possesses and her gripping passion that even the intimidated reader can’t help but read on.

One of things I love about her posts is that she always comes up with brilliant post titles! For example:




Lauren also has several weekly original features that she runs on her blog that are quite fun to read. These include:

Blurbsday Musings– Lauren writes a random rant every Thursday about something going on in the media and/or the world. Her most recent rant was about The Jodi Arias Trial and it was really interesting.

Fanfiction.net Spotlight– This is featured every Wednesday until September and is where Lauren spotlights talented writers of fan fiction. Her most recent post was about an exceptionally talented writer who wrote fan fiction based on Harry Potter in which Harry goes missing after being placed on the Dursley’s door step. (The Potterhead in me is demanding to read this).

Five-Song Fridays– Lauren recommends five songs that go along with a certain theme. Her most recent theme was Favorite 90’s Boy Band Songs. It was a really fun read.

Keeping It Reel Saturdays– This is where Lauren writes very thought out movie reviews. Her most recent review was on What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? and man, does it sound creepy.

Here are a couple of random facts that I’ve gathered from reading Lauren’s blog:

  • She likes Nancy Grace
  • She doesn’t think Cameron Diaz can act
  • She broke up with a boyfriend who recommended a bad book to her (but not for that reason)
  • She is an English major but went on to law school
  • Once melted a Nick Carter doll she got from Burger King (she now regrets it)
  • Prefers book stores to libraries (like me)
  • She is a fellow fan of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series

When it comes down to it, I like reading Lauren’s blog because I know I will get quality posts (and she’s really nice too)! I urge everyone to check out her blog, you won’t regret it!

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 16

picsart_1375358545585Good morning fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 16: Your Favorite Genre

Well in case you don’t already know, I like many different types of genres. When I pick a genre it usually means I’m in the mood for it. Sometimes I just feel like watching Elizabeth Bennett snub Mr. Darcy for his offensive proposal or I feel like visiting a dinosaur park that will turn out to be a nightmare (normal feelings). Sometimes I want to read about different cultures and sometimes I want to read about different worlds.

There is one genre however that no matter what mood I’m in I can always read with excitement.


As a child I fell in love with the idea that there was more to this average world that meets the eye. I felt sure that my Hogwarts letter would come in the mail (even when I was well pass the acceptance age), I looked for Middle Earth on the map hoping to find directions to the Shire and pay a visit to a certain hobbit at Bag End. I wanted to go hunting (but not kill anything) just to see if a dragon egg would appear for me only to hatch and become my best friend.

Fantasy for me was the glimmer of hope that magic existed. Even if it was small and hard to find, fantasy books made me feel like it was there, breathing the same air as me. I had no interest in reading books like my life where a girl goes to middle school and has to endure the longest lunch line ever; there was no fun in that. I wanted to believe that I was meant for greater things like becoming a Queen of a land that lies in a wardrobe. I was the child that believed in Santa even after my parents said he wasn’t real. (Grownups always try to rationalize everything).

Fantasy novels provide the greatest escapes from our everyday lives and always seem to be about finding hope, good conquering evil and normal people like me finding out they could do extraordinary things. I guess to this day I still feel the same way, as if I’ll discover a world that is hidden to us and save the world as we know it with nothing but a golden compass and my ability for making friends.

Fantasy has made me believe that an epic adventure awaits me, and I’ll always be grateful for that feeling.

What is your favorite genre? Why? Share it below and happy reading!