30 Day Book Challenge: Day 14

picsart_1375358545585Good evening fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 14: Your Favorite Author(s) From Your Childhood

There’s absolutely no way I could choose just one, so my top three favorite are:

  • Lemony Snicket– Author of The Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Carolyn Keene– Author of the Nancy Drew Series
  • R.L. Stine– Author of the Goosebumps Series

Shall I explain why? (No? Too bad.)

Lemony Snicket— What I love about him is that he really understands what children want. They want fun and whimsical. They want something outrageous and funny. They want something they can count on again and again. The Series of Unfortunate Events does just that; his writing style captures the child’s attention with his mystery and alluding, we are constantly asking ourselves what happened to Beatrix? How does Lemony know so much about the children? Then of course you can always count on your favorite protagonists Violet, Klaus and Sunny to save the day from whatever concoction Olaf will cook up. It’s a matter of whether Violet will invent something, Klaus will remember something he read, Sunny will bite something or a combination of all three. As children you need that regularity and Snicket knows how to combine that with a whimsical element that makes for an excellent read.

Carolyn Keene— This woman created one of the best role models for girls of all time– Nancy Drew. Again, we see another master of knowing what the child wants, there are elements in Nancy Drew books, that we as readers can always rely on; Nancy Drew is going to get curious and there’s a big chance she’s going to get knocked out. Carolyn Keene writes her characters brilliantly especially our heroine, I mean who didn’t want to be Nancy Drew when they were younger? Whenever I was scared I would try to channel my inner Nancy Drew, knowing that she would be too curious and brave to face whatever danger lay before me. I love the series and I can’t help but admire the author that wrote it. Well done, Keene! (P.S.– Does anyone else play the computer games by Herinteractive? They are awesome and I can’t wait for the latest one, The Silent Spy, to come out)!

R.L. Stine— I was the biggest scardy cat when I was younger (okay I still am) so I don’t know what compelled me to pick up the first Goosebumps book, but once I did I was hooked. They were so fun and eerie at the same time. Once again, we could always count on an element in these books. Children were going to get themselves in a mess with a supernatural item and (maybe) get themselves out of it. What was great about R.L. Stine’s series was that he provided a wide variety within his Goosebumps series ranging from just plain silly to down right scary. I remember the scariest one I read about was a puppet that came alive. Just thinking about it scares me. He also made some of them interactive, you could make choices for the characters and depending on your choices determined the outcomes. What child could resist that? R.L. Stine will always be a happy memory of my childhood.

Who was your favorite childhood author? Did you have more than one? Share it below and happy reading!


19 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 14

    I am TOTALLY using R. L. Stine as my favorite author from my childhood toooo! AND I was going to mention that very! Same! Book! Night of the Living Dummy!!!!!!! GAHHH that gave me such bad nightmares! I remember being afraid to turn over in bed facing away from the door because I was afraid Slappy would creak in and jump on me!

    Also, I love Lemony Snicket!!!! Not to mention, what an AWESOME pseudonym. I’d actually forgotten all about the hilarious account of Aunt Josephine and her morbid fear of realtors until storytimewithbuffy mentioned it in a blog of hers and I was suddenly transported back to the hilarity of those books. I love Olaf and his ridiculous acting troupe, the wacky shenanigans the poor Baudelaire’s always find themselves in, combined with the questions that keep you wondering in each installment, i.e. what the heck is the VFD? A great book for kids – or even adults!

    I love these choices 🙂 I wish I could comment on Nancy Drew but strangely enough that’s one classic protagonist that’s evaded my childhood!

    Great post!

    • That’s the title! Thank you, The Night of the Living Dummy, ugh, just the sound of it gives me the creeps! Yay I’m glad you share my love for the Goosebumps series and the Series of Unfortunate Events (I seriously want to do reviews on all those books). I hope Nancy Drew somehow finds a way into your life as she truly made a difference in mine. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. I used to read Nancy Drew and books by Judy Blume. I remember reading ‘Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret’ and thinking that was also the best thing in the world. For a long time afterwards I would chant “I must. I must. I must increase my bust.” Sadly, it didn’t work.

    I also love the Lemony Snicket books, but I read all of those as an adult. 😀

    • I actually haven’t read a single Judy Blume book, not on purpose or anything like that, I’ve just never come across one I guess. I want to read ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ really bad though I hear its basically a classic. And from your comment, it sounds hilarious!

      I plan on rereading the Lemony Snicket books soon so it’s good to know that they are still enjoyable as an adult! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      • I just looked up ‘Are you there God, it’s me Margaret’ and apparently there are some heavy issues about religion and such in that book. I seriously don’t remember that. For me, it was a light-hearted look at growing into a teenage girl. (And not having breasts!) I might have to read it again as an adult and see what’s up. I don’t remember much from it at all. Except the bust thing. Seriously. That was a big (or small, as the case may be) issue for me. haha!

  3. EEEEEE! I love Lemony Snicket! I just thought it was so clever that he made up his own pseudonym and made the author of the story a character as well. And Chapter 14. That was so dang clever!
    My childhood = Deltora Quest. LOVED that series.

    • I know right!? I plan on rereading them soon because they were so good, Lemony Snicket really knows how to speak to a reader and hold their attention across an entire series. I’m glad you enjoyed them too. Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Indeed she was, and what was awesome was that these books were published in the early ’30’s! So think about what a character like that would mean to girls back then. Nancy will always be a bit of a hero to me. 🙂

  4. Hello! Fellow R.L. Stine reader here! I remember these books fondly! Enough so that recently at a local bookstore I found a couple in the bargain section. They were having a “Stuff a Bag of Books for only $10” sale, so…in those went! I don’t know if I’ll ever crack them open and read them, but the nostalgic feeling I got when I saw them was enough 🙂

  5. I loved the Goosebumps TV series but never got a chance to read the books. The TV version always terrified me, I would kind of play chicken with the remote control. It’s one of those you want to watch but you can’t watch scenarios, LOL!

    I picked up the first two Unfortunate Events books when I was quite a bit older than the intended demographic, I couldn’t get on with them at all, but I think if I had read them when I was younger I would have liked them.

    I’ve never heard of Carolyn Keene, going to have to look her up. 🙂

  6. Hi!
    I love Nancy Drew and I love the HeR Interactive games!(:
    When I first saw the teaser for SPY,I was against the idea but I’m currently getting more and more excited for this game!I’m still not sure how feel about investigating Nancy’s mom,though.
    Have you seen the awesome
    fan-made covers that have been made?I posted my two on my blog last Thursday.(:
    As you can see,I could talk about Nancy Drew for hours.(:

    • I’m a little nervous too but really I’m too excited to get my hands on it. I’m always nervous that the next one will be the last one and that would just break my heart so as long they keep putting them out, I’m happy! 🙂
      I have seen some fan-made covers and they are so cool. I’ll check out your blog right now!
      I’m glad I found a fellow Nancy Drew fan! 🙂

      • Guh, I can’t wait for SPY either!! The teaser was VERY intriguing, I can’t figure out if Nancy’s mom is actually still alive or if Nancy just finds out what happened to her. Also, like Lindsey said, it’s awesome finding fellow ND fans!! 😀

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