30 Day Book Challenge: Day 12

picsart_1375358545585Good evening fellow readers! So of course I found a new challenge to participate in the hopes of proving myself better than the last. I picked up this challenge from The Chronicles of Radiya and very much look forward to 30 consecutive (hopefully, gulp) days of blogging.

Day 12: A Book You Used to Love But Don’t Anymore

This is such a sad challenge today, I hate the thought of any of my books feeling like I don’t love them. Sadly though I do have a book that fits this category, and it’s a book everyone knows.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I’m the first to admit that I went through a total craze, MANY PEOPLE DID. I loved the story for what it was, did I think it was a piece of literature? Heck, no! What Stephanie Meyer did was give the reader that feeling of first love, is it the best love story ever? Not even close, but it did make the reader feel what Bella felt. As least it did for me.

I used to go about my daily life looking for Edward, hoping that he would be waiting for me in some corner. I tried to convince my family to move to Forks, WA even going so far as to provide a list of bullet points. I loved Stephanie Meyer’s world and I wanted to be apart of it.

So what ruined it for me?

I think it was a mixture of the movies and the hate that was thrown at the books. I was severely disappointed with the movies believing that it didn’t capture the essence of the books at all. Then it became cool to hate Twilight and it was torn apart bit by bit. People started breaking down the characters and their development. Started spouting how Bella is an unfit role model for girls (Newsflash: we already knew that, nobody is rushing off a cliff anytime soon). And the thing I heard the most of was mockery of how vampires sparkle in the sunlight. Can people grow up please?

I kept hearing all this over and over again and it ruined the story for me. Impossible some of you might say, well I used to say that too. But I recently picked up the series to read and the same feeling I used to have wasn’t there. I just kept saying “Why couldn’t you be a better role model Bella?” or “Why couldn’t you have elevated your writing Stephanie Meyer” and “Why do you have to sparkle in the sun Edward?”

I couldn’t get past all the criticism and now I won’t ever read Twilight the same way. I hate when people are snobs about books. DON’T EVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT WHAT YOU READ! EVER! When it comes down to it, YOU read for YOU, so what does it matter what other people think?


Now I’m sad. You know what would make me feel better? If you shared what book you used to love and don’t anymore. Happy reading everybody!

The First Book Store Trip

thToday’s the day.

You leap out of bed giggling from happiness. You rush to the kitchen because your mom says breakfast is the most important meal of the day though you really believe that slot belongs to snack time. You get your “special” bowl that is shaped like the head of Minnie Mouse and fix yourself some cereal, all while wishing chocolate pudding was an acceptable breakfast item.

Then your mother walks in already dressed for the day which only makes you more excited.

“Today’s the day!” you tell her except it sounds more like “Trdaeschda!” because you still had cereal in your mouth.

Your mom smiles and reminds you not to talk and eat at the same time and also to wipe your chin.

You finish your cereal in record time and run down the hall to get dressed. You picked out your outfit last night so that no time would wasted today. When you’re all dressed and ready to go you and your mom head out the door.

You can’t help but bounce in your seat as your mother drives. You’re entire focus is set on what it’s going to be like; what will it look like; what will it smell like; will everyone be able to tell it’s your first time? Then– doubt hits you. What if it isn’t everything you imagined it would be? It could be too small, or too crowded or filled with a bad smell– no, you think as your mom pulls into the parking lot and you gaze at the entrance, it’s going to be perfect.

“That’s the book store mom?”

“Mhmm, what do you think?”

I look at it again, “Wow.” I answer, because nothing else justifies the monumental building in front of me. You take your mom’s hand as you walk through the glass doors because though most of what you feel is excitement there’s still a small part that is afraid of being let down.

Then you see what’s on the other side of those glass doors and you’re filled with awe. Everywhere you look books welcome you. There are giant bookshelves that shape the landscape and tables scattered every few feet and best of all they’re all filled with books. You let go of your mom’s hand now that all doubt has been vanquished.

You wander down the first aisle trying to see everything but overwhelmed by all the colors. And what’s the smell in the air, is that coffee beans? You look around in bewilderment and finally your eyes match the source. There’s a coffee shop in the book store! You don’t drink coffee yet, but the smell instantly makes you think of Sunday mornings when you’re bed head ridden father puts on a batch and sinks into the sofa to turn on football. The smell makes you feel welcome, makes you feel home.

You walk down to your favorite genre of books. You let your fingers trail the spines and spend a few minutes basking in the presence of wonderful stories. Another person walks to your area. They gaze at the book shelves and you can tell just from their eyes that this is a person who loves books as much as you do.

The pair of you are instant friends and soon you’re sitting on the squishy carpet in front of your favorite books sharing what you like about them. (She’s team Jacob but you forgive her). A few hours go by like this when you’re mom gives the signal that it’s time to leave. A wrinkle appears between your brows and you let out an over-the-top sigh. This is almost as bad as leaving Disneyland, you say to yourself, almost.

“Bye” you say to your friend. She smiles and waves and goes back to reading her books and you realized you’ve never been more jealous of a person before that moment.

You place your picks on the check out counter as your mom pulls out her credit card with an amused face that just sets the wrinkle between your brows deeper. You try to smile back at the book store clerk but it’s hard when you’re so sad.

You go out the same glass doors and you can’t help but think of how just a few hours ago you didn’t know what the inside of a book store looked like and you take your mother’s hand.

“Did you like it?” She asks.

You look up at her, “Loved it.”

Though my first book store trip wasn’t quite like that (it involved me throwing a fit) it was still just as magical, as I’m sure it is for everybody that wears an official bookworm badge.

What was your first book store visit like? Share it below and happy reading!

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