Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist WednesdayIn the famous words of Snow White, “I’m wishing (I’m wishing) for the one I love, to find me (to find me) today.” In this case (actually in most cases) the one that I love is a book.

I came about Wishlist Wednesday hosted by the ever so lovely Pen to Paper. (Please check out their blog, it’s awesome).

Wishlist Wednesday is a meme that allows you to turn the spotlight on a few books that have been sitting on your get-to-eventually list for a while. Books that you dream of claiming their rightful spots on your bookshelf.

I know I usually pick three books to spotlight, but this week one book has consumed me. It’s all I can think about and find myself constantly going online to read everything I can about it. I’m afraid I’ve become obsessed and all I ask from the wishing fairy this week is a copy of The Long Walk by Stephen King.



Every year, 100 boys enter a contest called the Long Walk, and the winner gets all his heart desires. Each contestant has to maintain a pace of 4 miles per hour or more, or else he gets a warning. If the boy who gets the warning can keep walking 4 miles per hour or faster for the next hour, the warning is revoked. However, if the boy collects three warnings, the next time he slows down, he’s shot in the head and out of the game.


Doesn’t it sound absolutely fascinating? Almost a touch of hunger games except even grittier. It’s not horror in the obvious way, it’s more of a psychological horror; coming to terms with an unavoidable death. I simply can’t stop thinking about it. I have to read it. Soon. This won’t be on my wish list for long!


What’s on your wish list this Wednesday? Share it below and happy reading!


10 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday

  1. I love the idea of this series! I read King’s “The Tommyknockers” this summer and was really disappointed… at one point, a flying Coke machine (that’s right) attacked someone. I shouldn’t have been that surprised but… really? In comparison, this sounds like the Stephen King of legend, the master at his best. Thanks for pointing out this book, I will add it to my own wishlist!

    • Yeah I’ve heard that King’s either a hit or miss guy, therefore I’ve been weary of trying out one of his novels. I also am a bit of a (HUGE) scaredy cat so the idea of reading horror terrifies me, but this I think I can handle although psychological horror is often scarier considering it’s more realistic. When I read it (which will be soon) I’ll make sure to tell what I think! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. This sounds REALLY interesting! The only Steven King book that I have read is the Gunslinger, and that was a bit out there for me. But I think I am definitely going to have to read this!

    • I’ve definitely been weary of Stephen King because I am a huge scaredy cat and so didn’t think horror was such a great idea. But this one sounds so interesting that I’m going to have to give it a try. Let me know what you think when you read it!

  3. It’s horrendous, but I’m still yet to pick up one of King’s novels! I own a few but never seem to get round to reading them (you’re a bookworm so I know you understand 😉 ) Once again this sounds like a great idea for a novel. Ohh my, ohh my, so many books, so little time! What’s a girl to do?!?!? I bought more books today as well! :S

    • Oh trust me, I know how it is! I’m constantly buying books when there are books just sitting on my book shelf unread and making me feel like a horrible person! And, I’m constantly rereading my favorites (Harry Potter) when I have at least ten new books that I should be reading. Sigh. It’s hard being a bookworm sometimes…

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