Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 02I stumbled upon this meme at the adorable blog, Tessa’s Wishful Endings. Really it’s as simple as the name; you talk about a favorite book related subject on Fridays. It could be anything from favorite authors, books and genres to favorite reading spots, opening sentences and love triangles. Basically the world of novels is our oyster and with Friday Favorites, we can conquer it.

Friday Favorites #2: Favorite Reading Spots

You guys all know this problem: you’ve got a really great book to read so you go to sit and read it but you can’t concentrate because of the lack of back support or there is no air vent nearby. We’ve all had to deal with this and because of this I made it my mission to find a reading spot that heightens my reading experience. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am talking about the favorite reading spot.

To begin my quest for my favorite reading spot I decided to get some input from my two sisters by asking them what were their favorite reading spots. (This turned out not to be such a great idea).

My conversation with Hayley, the middle sister who (sorta) likes to read went like this:

[I walk into Hayley’s room]

Me: “Hi Hayley.”

Hayley: “What.” (She doesn’t say it like a question, just like a statement and also she’s really busy with summer homework which puts a damper on her mood)

Me: “Hey I know you’re busy–“

Hayley: [Sigh]

Me: “Are you okay?”

Hayley: “I just don’t understand why they have to give us sooooo much homework over the summer. It’s not fair.”

Me: “Yeah, it sucks. Maybe you should just take a break.”

Hayley: [An atomic bomb goes off in her eyes as she gives me a death glare] “I don’t have time to take a break.”

Me: “Okayyyy, well try not to stress yourself out. I came in here because I wanted to ask you a quick question– What’s you favorite reading spot?”

Hayley: [This time as a question] “What?”

Me: [Emphasizes with lips] READING SPOT? Do have a favorite? I know you only sort of like to read but

Hayley: “I don’t only sort of like to read, I don’t have time to read.”

Me: [Realizing my mistake] Of course because of the homework and everything, okay, so when you do read, what’s your favorite spot to do it?”

Hayley: [Sighs, looks up at the ceiling] “Well my favorite spot to read is the living room but then somebody always comes in and turns on the TV or starts–“

Me: “Living?”

Hayley: [Familiar death glare] “The living room, my favorite reading spot is the living room.”

So one option was the living room but I wasn’t so sure about this (based on Hayley’s reaction) so I decided to ask my sister Miranda, the baby of the family who HATES reading. Our conversation went like this:

Me: [Walks into Miranda’s room at 11:45am, all the lights are turned off, she is in her bed under the covers staring at her Iphone in a zombie-like way] “Miranda?” (I am weary of her).

Miranda: “Hmmm?”

Me: [Intrigued] “What are you doing?”

Miranda: [Doesn’t look up from her device] “On YouTube.”

Me: [I come closer to the bed]

Miranda: [Rolls over to face me] “What?” (Apparently I can’t just be around my sisters for the enjoyment of it).

Me: “I know you don’t like reading–“

Miranda: [Rolls her eyes] It’s not that I don’t like reading, I only like a certain kind of book.” (I was beginning to hear this a lot lately).

Me: “Well, when you do read–“

Miranda: [Snickers]

Me: “When mom and dad make you read, where do you like to do it?”

Miranda: [Says without hesitation] “Under my bed.” [Shrugs]

Me: [Blank stare]

Miranda: [Laughs at my speechlessness] (She thinks everything is funny)

Me: “How do you read under your bed?”

Miranda: “I put my desk lamp down there so I can see, then I read.” [Shrugs]

Me: “Why?!”

Miranda: “Because nobody knocks on my door before barging into my room, so this way I get some privacy.” [Shrugs]

Me: “…thanks.”

So I got the living room and under the bed as advice. I decided to ignore both.

Some time later I came to realize that my favorite reading spot is my bed in my room, because not only is it comfy, I can control the area. No one is going to turn on the TV or start talking to me and I can go on reading for hours in my own quiet sanctuary.

What about you, what’s your favorite reading spot? Let me know by commenting below and have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Same here. The bed or the giant oversized chair next to my bed. It’s all about controlling the enviroment. No tv, few interruptions, no outside noise unless I choose to include it.

    Of course, even when I live alone my bed is my favorite reading spot so I may just really really love my bed.

    If the weather is right – not too hot, not too windy, not too humid – I like reading outside, as long as I’m alone and not bothered.

  2. Great post! I also love my bed, or the couch with me sitting sideways so that my legs are up or in our big comfy chase. It depends where the kids and husband are and what they’re doing. 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking! Makes me feel good. 🙂

  3. I’m a bed person. Or, now that I live by myself, the floor of the living room. No, not the couch even though I have the comfiest couch in the world. The floor. With a pillow.

    • I wish I could lay on the floor, but the carpenting is bad so the floor doesn’t make for a very enjoyable reading experience. I totally could see how it would make a great reading spot though. Thanks for reading!

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