Reading with Music

musicWhen it comes to reading with music playing I have some peculiarities. I would like ask all of you if these peculiarities are normal (I would not be surprised it they weren’t).

For one, I can’t START to read if there is already music playing. I get distracted by the music and end up reading the same line ten times. (This has caused some arguments with my sisters).

However, if I am ALREADY reading and someone turns on music then I am fine. I don’t notice the music at all and am able to read as easily as if there wasn’t any music playing.

Am I weird?

My little sister, Miranda, says that music makes her read faster. (Of course this is the sister who doesn’t like to read so I don’t know how accurate her statement is).

Do any of the peculiarities apply to you? (Please say yes). I really want to know if they are common occurrences or if I am just odd. (Again that wouldn’t surprise me). So please comment below and have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Reading with Music

  1. I’ve never been able to read as well with music as without, but it’s much easier to tune out with it playing in the background as opposed to in earbuds directly into my ears. That’s my peculiarity :\

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  3. I love to listen music while reading! But again, I’m very easy when it comes to reading. I always read books on birthdays and it just doesn’t bother me.. Once I open a book, I’m completely sucked into this world and I forget everyone and everything around me.

  4. I have the attention span of a 3 year old. I am easily distracted by ANYTHING. This gives me a hard time when writing especially. But for some completely weird reason, I managed to make myself get used to listening to music while reading. It’s now somewhat of an addiction.It’s gives a feeling to the story, and now I make playlists while listening, and the experience becomes so much more awesome!

  5. Lol, I can read to music and love doing that, but my reading speed actually depends on the music that I am listening to (fast songs=faster reading, slow songs=slower reading). So, I don’t do it much because of that little quirk 😛

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