15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8

15-Day-ChallengeYay! We are back on track after my awful slacking off yesterday. (Please say you forgive me). It’s day 8 of this challenge which was created by the talented blogger of Good Books, Good Wine. Shall we get to it?

Day 8: Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs

Bear with me, I have to do this quickly!

1. Clear menu– if I am looking for something specific I want to find it fast (due to my impatient nature).

2. Book blogs: I like to see your reviews in one place, organized by alphabetical order

3. Readability– I don’t want to struggle to read your blog (which reminds me, I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor).

4. Images– they break up the text which can be overwhelming in a long post

5. Humor– I want to enjoy what I am reading

6. Top posts and pages widget– that way I don’t have to scroll to see popular posts

7. Quality– I want to see your passion through the post

8. Posts title– To the point please, don’t leave us guessing

9. Comments– it’s always appealing to see a blogger who replies to their comments

10. Updating regularly

11. Supports other blogs

12. Explains about the author behind the blog

13. Stays true to one subject instead of rambling about many others

14. Organized layout

15. Great attitude– it’s appealing to find a blogger that feels like a real person

Whew! Believe or not, I wrote all 15 points in just under two minutes. (I’m pretty proud of myself). What appeals to you in a blog? What doesn’t? I want to hear what you have to say (in case I need to change anything)! So comment below and happy reading!



3 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 8

  1. I shall have to take some of these to heart. You mention some items I haven’t really thought of before, I now that I do think of them, they are good ideas. I may be modifying my format this weekend while I continue to procrastinate from math homework …

      • Nah, I liked most of what you mentioned. I’m toying around right now with methods for sorting the reviews I’ve done… 🙂

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