15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6

15-Day-ChallengeThis challenge was created by the lovely blogger of Good Books, Good Wine. It’s time for day six!

Day 6: Describe how you shop for books

Well, I usually use cash but every once in a while when I feel like living large I take out the good old debit card–


So you want to hear how the mysterious Lindsey shops for books do you?

First I consult THE LIST.

THE LIST is exactly how it sounds (except more epic); it’s a list of books that I do not own that I wish too, a very LONG list that has been accumulating for years.

Next I consult THE BUDGET. (Not as much fun as THE LIST).

This is where I figure out how much I get to spend on books (it never seems to be enough).

Lastly I go to THE BOOK STORE. With the products of THE LIST and THE BUDGET combined I find my purchases and make my way to the check out counter.

But not before picking one book that is not on THE LIST or in THE BUDGET. (Just to live a little).

So that’s the mystery. It’s very mystical and secret so I would appreciate it if it just stayed between you and me. How do you shop for books?