The Liebster and Inner Peace Award

liebster2You know, when I started this whole blogging thing I really wasn’t counting on anybody reading what I wrote. I just needed an outlet to express my creative frustration and knew that book reviewing was the route to go. Then people started reading and I got to share my favorite joy in life.

Now to my surprise I have been awarded the Liebster (means “dearest” in German) award and the Inner Peace (means “inner peace” in German) award by the wonderful and wise, Steve, author inner-peace-awardof the Imagineer-ing blog. (Go check out his blog this minute, it’s awesome, just remember to come back).

Thank you Steve, I am most honored to even be considered by you let alone nominated. Congratulations yourself on being nominated, you most certainly deserved it!

So there seems to be a list of tasks upon receiving the awards. They are:

  • list eleven random facts about me
  • nominate eleven bloggers upon receiving nomination
  • ask eleven questions the bloggers must answer upon receiving the nomination
  • answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated
  • link back to the person who nominated you

(Someone likes the number eleven)!

Alright fellow book lovers, (as said in numerous action movies) let’s do this!

Eleven Random Facts:

  1. dinosaurssI love dinosaurs! Always have since I was little and now own all of the Jurassic Park series, Land Before Time series, Dinotopia miniseries and am always taping televisions shows that promises dino action.
  2. I am the least photogenic person in the universe– hands down. I don’t need words of reassurance this is not an insecurity its a fact I have resigned too. Very rarely I get lucky but most of the time the photo comes out as if I was posing for a circus magazine. (Actually its much worse than that).
  3. My feet are famously known for their freezing temperature. They are always cold. I’ve been to a doctor and nothing is wrong with me, I just have cold feet. (Good luck to my future husband)!
  4. I love to play tennis even though I’m not very good at it (requires hand eye coordination).
  5. spyroI’m kind of a gamer. I say kind of because I’m not one of those hard-core gamers, but I do like video games. My favorites are Spyro for Playstation, Zelda for gameboy and Nancy Drew for the PC. (When I say my favorites I mean the only games I play).
  6. I LOVE Disneyland. Seriously I believe it’s the happiest place on Earth. I know it’s always crowded and expensive but I don’t care what anyone says, Disneyland IS magical.
  7. wickedI have seen the musical Wicked three times, it’s my favorite musical (and I’m not just saying that because it’s the only musical I’ve seen).
  8. I’m an actress. Not professional or anything but I am involved in my local theater and enjoy it very much!
  9. I love to sing! No, I’m not good at it and no, I’m not just saying that, I’m terrible; but I’m always singing (often the wrong words to my sister’s frustration).
  10. I latch-hook. It doesn’t require any skill just patience and its very relaxing.
  11. Me getting ready to play Annelle in Steel Magnolias

    Me getting ready to play Annelle in Steel Magnolias

    (Get ready for a shocker). I’m not a natural red-head. I was born blonde, but now dye it. I was always a true red-head at heart though.

That’s eleven facts, now you know that I’m a dino loving, terrible singing natural blonde with cold feet. (Does it adjust your mental image a bit)?


Eleven Questions I was asked:

  1. Which would you prefer to possess– power or wisdom– and why? Wisdom, without a doubt it can take you infinitely farther than power ever could.
  2. What invention do you think has been the most important to Humanity? I’m going to have to say the internet– it has completely changed the way the world works.
  3. Which would you rather have– the ‘perfect’ body or the ‘perfect’ mind– and why? Well considering I already have the ‘perfect’ body (JOKE) I would go with the ‘perfect’ mind even though I don’t believe in a ‘perfect’ anything. Perfect, like beauty, “is in the eyes of the beholder”. I don’t think being the smartest is perfect but others might disagree.
  4. Do parents have rights over their children– or duties to their children? I’m a little biased since I have only ever had experience as a child, never a parent. I don’t believe parents have rights over their children as their children are human beings and should grow up learning to make choices. There is a fine line however, when the child is too young to understand the consequences of their choices. This is when parents should do their duties TO their children.
  5. Your child asks you: “I want to be a footballer but I want to be an artist too. My teacher says I have to choose one. What do I do?”– Whats your reply? Both. I would go speak to the teacher and explain quite nicely that my child will be doing both and if that didn’t work I would explain not so nicely. It’s instances like this that make children believe they have to fit into a stereotypical mold. It’s outrageous that a child would have to choose and my future child never will have too.
  6. You have the ability to write the greatest epic novel of all time– given a great deal of time– or you can write a hundred bestsellers in a few short years. Which do you do, and why? Everyone that knows me should be able to answer this question. I have plenty of patience so taking a great deal of time to write the most epic novel ever is no sacrifice to me. This is actually a secret wish of mine, to write an epic novel that means something. I want to write something beautiful and full of truths and it doesn’t matter one bit if it’s a best seller or not. 88ddfdc04181dc35bbd96a91a3a58d7a
  7. You can go to the swankiest, most expensive, top-ranked chef’s restaurant– cost no obstacle– or you can go to a small family place with traditional, all freshly made, home cooked food. Which one and why? Well, I’m a picky eater so probably neither. I would just go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.
  8. Traditional animation or CGI? I grew up with traditional animation and even though CGI is amazing the traditional way will always hold a special place with me.
  9. Whats your favorite tree? What a great question! It’s the oak tree for sure because it looks like the perfect reading spot.
  10. A field, a bat, a ball, or school sports day? Which is most fun? Well even though I lack the necessary hand eye coordination, I would say the ball is the most fun because I love a good round of catch.
  11. Which: lying on a perfect beach beside a perfect sea or getting bramble-scratched and nettle-stung picking fruit with the family? I couldn’t enjoy the beach without my family so it looks like fruit picking for me! (Mom, you better appreciate that answer).

Great questions Steve, I am officially intimidated to ask my own. Now I get to nominate eleven brilliant bloggers. Please note said eleven bloggers that you are being nominated for both the Liebster and the Inner Peace award. In no particular order:

  1. Book Adoration (a dedicated book reviewer)
  2. Getting Rid of Boredom (always leaves you thinking)
  3. The Librarian who Doesn’t Say Shhhh…. (for setting the bar high for librarians)
  4. The Skeptical Reader (this girl is in the midst of college and still manages to write beyond awesome posts)
  5. The YA Book Blog (for being an expert in all things of the young adult genre)
  6. Wrapped up in Books (for incredibly thorough book reviews)
  7. Disquietus (for her obvious love of books)
  8. Books for a Delicate Eternity (she always participates in fun weekly memes)
  9. Books and Bindings (the girl KNOWS how to run a blog)
  10. Project Light to Life (she inspires me to be a better person every day)
  11. Ramblings of an Elfpire (she shares my love for Harry Potter– and has a great book review blog)

It’s my turn to ask the questions (*insert evil grin*)

  1. If you were forced to choose between going deaf or blind, which would you choose?
  2. (The dreaded deserted island question) If you ‘planned’ on going to a deserted island what five books would you bring and why?
  3. If you could aspire to be anything in the world, no matter your skill level, what would you be and why?
  4. What is your favorite time of the day?
  5. What inspires your creative side?
  6. What was a magical moment in your childhood and why was it magical?
  7. Name something on your bucket list and explain why it’s there.
  8. Do you prefer an e-reader or a solid book?
  9. Set aside reality, if you could only operate one, would you choose the brain or heart?
  10. Are you an ugly crier? (No shame).
  11. Name a person that makes you happy and explain why.

Alright I’m off to inform my nominees, have a great day and happy reading!

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