Guest Post: Top Ten Books I’ve Lied About by Books and Bindings

I read this awesome post the other day and knew that I had to contribute to the list, so here are my top 5 books I’ve lied about:

1. Pride and Prejudice– We had to read this in high school and I did no such thing. However I read it a year ago on my own and loved it! (I think I have issues with authority).

2. Judy Bloom books Never read a single one. My mom likes to read them to my sisters but I was never interested.

3. The Inheritance Cycle I love these books but I told one person that and that person made me feel like the biggest nerd ever so now I pretend to think they are just okay.

4. The Hunger Games series I liked the books but I was never obsessed and it seemed that everyone I know was crazy about them so I pretended to like them more than I actually did.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey- I’ve told many people I haven’t read these books but I have and didn’t like them.

What books have you lied about?


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Top Ten Books I’ve Lied About by Books and Bindings

  1. Fifty Shades didn’t make my Top Ten but it’s on the list of books I’ve lied about. I read it and liked it more than I’d like to admit to. I haven’t read The Hunger Games series but I have the whole series waiting for me on my Kobo. I didn’t like the movie as much so I’m hoping the books will be better.

    Oh ans thanks for reading and reblogging my guest post! 🙂

      • Awesome! 🙂 I wish I could tell you it was my brilliant idea and that I’m a blog genius, but it wasn’t and I’m not, ha ha. I remember seeing a post like it a couple weeks ago but I don’t remember from where. 🙂

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